About Spoonfeed


Designed for busy chefs, Spoonfeed by RIA is the simple way to share online


Amazingly Simple — Spoonfeed is structured so you can share the information diners want to know and media need to know. Follow our easy roadmap or blaze your own trail for fast, effective sharing.

Effortlessly Effective — With Spoonfeed, you don't have to understand digital marketing to make social media work for you. Everything you share from Spoonfeed to your social networks is optimized to create buzz and reach new audiences. 

Post Once, Reach Everyone — Designed with the chef's lifestyle in mind, Spoonfeed squeezes the most reach out of everything you post so each and every post is distributed to your friends and followers, our diners, media and even improves how your restaurant shows up in search.

What is Spoonfeed?

A product of RIA, Spoonfeed is a content development and distribution tool used by chef-driven restaurants and their chefs, mixologists and sommeliers. We make it easy to share the the kind of insider stories and information that create buzz and build business. Our goal, to help you reach your friends and followers, influencers, new diners and media in just 15 minutes a day.  

Spoonfeed is an easy-to-use platform for sharing what journalists need to know and what diners want to know. 

Why Should I Join Spoonfeed?

Spoonfeed helps you connect with audiences that matter by making all your social content work hard to build your digital influence.

  • Post once, reach everyone — your friends, fans and followers, our diners, even the media; soon you'll even reach your customers with automated e-newsletters that distribute your content for you.
  • Everything you share from Spoonfeed is embedded with links, keywords and promotional content that ensures you are maximizing the marketing impact of every post.
  • Our content is structured to help you share the kind of information diners want to know and media need to know — so you never have to wonder what to say, you can just answer a few easy questions.

Who uses Spoonfeed?

Hundreds of the country's best chef-driven restaurants use Spoonfeed every day.

  • Any chef-driven restaurant can benefit from powering their social content with tools that drive SEO and digital influence.
  • As an up-and-coming chef, Spoonfeed gives you an opportunity to be showcased with the country's best. 
  • As an established professional, Spoonfeed is an excellent way to leverage your offline influence to build online influence.

How much does it cost?

Spoonfeed is free to join!

Premium accounts allow for profile access by media and diners and maximize your reach.

  • $50/month for Premium Personal Profiles
  • $250/month for Premium Restaurant Profiles

Agency discounts available as well as featured tools for PR firms and large multi-unit restaurant groups.

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